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Drew's Queen Sized NY Giants Blanket

When my son Drew said he wanted a Giants blanket for his 23rd birthday I said "Sure, you mean a throw for over the sofa?"  Of course, his response was "NO - I mean a full queen sized blanket for my bed."  Well, that was a tall order.  I even made the bottom hang a little longer so he could wrap it around his feet.  This blanket is one of the 1st pictures I show people when I am talking about my Yarn Art because although it might look simple, it was actually really quite tricky getting that NY just right.  I hope to be making a lot more of these blankets in the future --- in lots of different colors and with lots of different team symbols, mascots, and logos etc.  

Glass Cabinet Coat

This coat is made completely of leftover yarn and I mixed soft baby yarn with a bunch of other textures and colors.  The bright red buttons tie the whole thing together.  This was my first asymmetrical project --- I just went where my leftover yarn would let me go.  It was a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge too.  

Di's 3D Yarn Art is Full of Layers, Textures, and Love!

We're rethinking the pattern process to make our designs simple to knit and fun and flattering to wear.  Each item truly is a work of unique artistic expression.  You can purchase our knits in standard designs and colors or we provide made to order designs made just for you.  Here are few of the designs that mean a lot to me.  

Mom's Weeping Willow Tree Sweater

This green sweater just sort of evolved.  It is in memory of my mom and the beautiful willow tree that she loved so much.  She planted this beauty in 1970 and it now spreads its massive branches across the yard.  

Comfort Cape in Bright Blue and White

You are going to see a lot more of these capes in the future --- they are a real passion of mine.  I call them comfort capes because they really are meant to give you comfort - soothing, cozy, and hugging your shoulders with love.  This blue and white cape has a touch of turquoise in the fur trim and the white stripes and button really add a nice contrast to the rich blue yarn.