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Our Community Knitting Projects have something for everyone.

Education, Classes, Workshops, and Events

The knitting education system develops critical skills of the future and fosters creativity, problem solving, and language skills.  Imagine knitting as the thing we "do" as we learn a new language or become acclimated to a new culture or community.  

Knitting is the focal point from which we "knit together", learn new skills, and connect with new people.  Creativity and problem solving skills are attained in real time with this process. We're rethinking the knitting pattern and using textures, colors, and combinations in totally new ways.  

We're using leftover yarn, buttons, and materials to reinforce our purpose of creating climate conscious caretakers of Mother Earth.  Loving our leftovers is not only good for our environment,  it enables the knitter to apply critical thinking skills, and have a lot of fun doing it.  

Apparel and Accessories

Community Knitting Events support our climate conscious message by providing opportunities for people to purchase Love You Knits handmade apparel and accessories.  These products can be knit by members of our network of knitters.  

These knitters are paid for the items that they knit.  

Alternatively, members of your organization can knit the products and donate their portion of the proceeds of the sales to your organization.  These are great networking and community outreach opportunities.

Label System for Knitter and Retail Customer

Each hand knit final product or knitting kit is part of our Label System.  This system helps us monitor and build energy for this Knitting Revolution and engages everyone in the movement to handmade.

Both the knitter and the purchaser of the final hand knit garment receive a Love You Knit label with the item’s unique label number.  We’ll be tracking the number of hand knit items we make and sell.  And we'll be spreading the news as the excitement and impact of this program grows.

Knitting Kits come with Needles, Yarn, Pattern, & Labels

Knitting kits come complete with patterns, yarn, and knitting labels. Group purchases and custom colors are available to help you offer handmade, Love You Knits products through your school, hospital, business, or charity and cause. 

Enjoy Mental Health

We've designed this system and all our products and processes to facilitate mental, physical, and spiritual health --- they are all so connected.  Our hope is that as you engage in these events and begin to knit with us, you will feel renewed and enjoy a new sense of peace and joy in your life.  

Community Knitting Projects - Our Mission

​We provide a community knitting program that promotes  environmental awareness and action through the art of knitting.  

This program engages individuals in a culture change process that transforms them from consumers to climate conscious caretakers of Mother Earth.  We're going back in time, to move forward together. We're working with our hands, weaving together, knitting together, and bonding as one. We're creating communities that consciously care for our planet, and compassionately care for one another.

---This coat I’m wearing below was made 100% of leftover smart scarf yarn that I used for my initial scarf samples. I’ve thrown a matching smart scarf around my neck for added warmth.