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Please join me in this exciting and important program.


Diane Damp Nerby (Di)

Yarn Artist and Founder

Love You Knits

​We're bringing back handmade skills and artistry and providing

 a social innovation solution that delivers ---

Job Creation

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Health and Wellness​​.

A new world of love is coming


Climate, Sustainability, Environmental Impact and MORE.

Climate change, our carbon footprint, clean water, and saying "NO" to pollution is something we can all relate to.  This program makes it personal.  Each individual can do his or her part to "never liter again", reduce consumption of paper, and shop with a climate conscious and mindful approach. Asking thoughtful questions about the products we purchase is the first step in making us mindful about our environment.  Questions such as - how was this made? - what happens to the excess inventory? - where does the waste product go? - how was it packaged and distributed?  --- These questions all help to begin the conversation and create awareness.  

Our handmade, made to order business model connect us with the production process and enables us to eliminate the current "mass production" retail model.  The yarn is still manufactured in factories, but we are using this "craft" to magnify the issue and the potential.  In time, we will seek out sustainable yarns and suppliers.  As a first step, let's make this process cost effective and get everyone knitting, purchasing, and wearing our handmade scarves, apparel, and accessories.  Let's connect everyone with climate change by "wrapping" them up in a warm, handmade, community created garment.  

Community Engagement

This program is designed to facilitate climate conscious culture change through a community engagement process that literally helps "communities knit together".  We're connecting new knitters with knitter teachers and mentors, corporations with their customers, health care providers with their clients, and city governments with their residents.  The process is a perfect employee engagement and community outreach program. This program is a great way to engage everyone.  

Social Justice

Job creation, workforce planning, and mental health solutions are the backbone of this system.  This process is perfect for youth and young adults.  It can and will help our youth connect with new skills, new hope, and new people who support them in creating a bright and prosperous future.  All individuals deserve to a find work that works for them.  Work inspires, gives purpose, and creates a sense of pride and self-worth.  This program creates amazing new jobs - for all individuals... think of the possibilities ... knitters, knitting teachers, project managers, knitting kit creators, pattern designers, pattern testers, marketing, sales, online web development etc. etc. etc.  Let's knit together and create great jobs for the members of our communities who need them the most.